About EMP

John Shewmake, is the operations manager for the facility located in the suburbs of Guadalajara.
Contact at Tel 011-52-33-3686-1102


John is a foundry veteran with over 20 years experience in metal finishing and investment casting. John can fully communicate with USA customers on the details of their casting requirements. The Mexico investment casting staff is capable with several on staff engineers.

The investment casting facility has been operational since 2002, focusing first on high tolerance oilfield drilling cutters and later on marine propellers and commercial castings. The spacious wax room boasts 12 wax injection stations, including liquid, and paste types for maximum pattern accuracy. The shell drying room is large and operates with maximum efficiency, aided by the low humidity, mountain climate. Melt capacity is provided by multiple Inductotherm induction melting units. The facility also has manual and automated polishing operations, using a state of the art Walther-Trowal drag finishing system. The facility has fourteen CNC machines for tooling production and finished part machining. Should your parts require special services, the Guadalajara metro area is heavily industrialized, with many machine shops and specialized industrial services available.

Guadalajara is the second largest city in Mexico, and is also one of the oldest, dating its origin to 1530. This area is hundreds of miles from the US border and prides itself on a stable and skilled workforce. It is the perfect location for precision investment casting operation.

The USA operation

Steve Powers, owns the USA finishing plant and warehouse in Shreveport, Louisiana. This company, founded in 1986, is primarily involved in the manufacture of marine/industrial propellers and castings. The company employs 25 offering full machining and polishing operations with world class automated drag finishers, as well as traditional polishing operations. The company sells its products in the US and internationally. The customer base ranges from very small industrial/commercial clients up to large multinationals such as Honda. The current focus is expansion of warehousing operations to support a customer base in propellers and industrial castings.

Website: http://www.ptprop.com/