Investment (lost wax) Casting

Our lost wax investment casting facility is located in Guadalajara, Mexico.  Highly accurate castings can be produced at our facility in metals ranging from bronze, aluminum, cobalt, steel, stainless steel and high nickel steel. The first step in the investment casting process is wax injection of a pattern that looks just like the part to be cast in metal. EMP has 12 wax injection machines, both semi-liquid and true paste types.  The objective is to inject the wax as cool as possible.  This aids in minimizing distortion, promoting repeatability, and allows for faster cycle times.   The room is climate controlled, with redundant backup air conditioning and generators.  The facility uses wax suppliers with full ISO certifications.  Wax injection machines are setup with parameters individually tailored to the customers part design.  Our wax injection department is over 4000 square feet, with two tooling vaults for protection of customer tooling.  EMP also utilizes several 3D printers to produce prototypes or small batch orders where no hard tooling/molds exist.

Wax room is 400 square meters (4000 sf)
12 wax presses, both semi-liquid and paste type
Air conditioned, with redundant backup
Generator backup
Wax supplier ISO Certified
Process parameters for each part based on requirements